Activities @ Creek In The Wild

Wildlife Safari


Trekking is the best option to explore the scenic beauty of Wayanad. Two of the most popular routes for trekking are the Pakshipathalam and Brahmagiri trek organized by Kerala forest department.


The Pakshipathalam trek takes you through wild forests, deep caves and thick rock blocks to the height of 1,740 m above sea level. This is an exciting challenge for visitors looking for adventure.


The Brahmagiri peak trek takes you through streams and vast verdant spaces before you reach the steep slopes of the Brahmagiri hill. While the trek is challenging, but the view from the peak, will wipe out all memories of the arduous journey.


Guests staying at the resort have easy access to the Tholpetty forest in the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary and the Nagarhole National Park -  the two most popular tourism destinations in Wayanad District.


Tholpetty sanctuary is connected with the Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary and the wildlife jeep safari at the sanctuary offers opportunities to spot various animal and bird species in their natural habitat. One of the memorable experiences at Tholpetty sanctuary is the night camping and the watch tower situated above the lake. This lake is the primary source of water for the wild animals inhabiting the sanctuary and it is an unforgettable experience to watch nocturnal animals come to drink water.


The Nagarhole National Park derives its name from naga, meaning snake and hole, referring to streams. The park is part of the lush Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve with a has rich forest cover that includes numerous small streams, hills, valleys and waterfalls.  Years ago, this park was an exclusive hunting reserve of the kings of the Wodeyar dynasty, the former rulers of Mysore. Today, it boasts of a healthy predator-prey ratio and offers a great opportunity to get a glimpse of various animals


 Experienced guides from the forest department accompany visitors on the safari at both the reserves for frequent sightings of wildlife like herds of elephants, gaurs, deer, monkeys, tigers, leopards, bears, many species of reptiles, butterflies, birds including vultures.

Walks by the Creek

Bird Watching

The beautiful Brahmagiri hills and the surrounding lush green forests have made the retreat an excellent location to view birds in their natural habitat. Here you can catch a glimpse of many endemic and endangered species of birds.


Serious birdwatchers can also visit the cavernous caves at Pakshipathalam that are home to wide variety of birds, animals and distinctive species of plants.

The serene Kalindi River meanders down from the jungle, through the property and guests can spend many an enjoyable afternoon, walking by the stream and even take a dip in the pristine waters of this river.

Village Strolls & Plantation Walks

Guests can also visit the picturesque village of Thirunelly and take a leisurely stroll along the houses and green carpet of coffee plantations.

Through the  Lens


Creek In The Wild is a photographer’s haven with our property in Wayanad offering treasures for you to discover and capture on your camera. The varied birds spotted in Wayanad are visitors to Creek In The Wild often and to add to that the constantly revising panorama of nature at its best with a 180 degrees view of the Brahmagiri hills.

At the close of every day, you can relax under a beautiful canopy of stars, and stargaze whilst savoring the warmth of a campfire accompanied with a barbeque perhaps. Share stories with your friends, or savour some fresh warm coffee, there is no better way to end the day at Creek In The Wild.

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